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  • 20Mar

    Forks and frames that live happily ever after

    Contrary to modern belief great matches aren’t just meant for people but for all types of couples. We’ve previously shared the five SOMA frames every cyclist should know,  and we’ve even announced that March is dedicated to forks. So the only natural thing to do now is match’em up. Check out what SOMA forks suit the different frame types. 


    Champs Elysees 700C Low Trail Road Fork
    This low-trail fork can be used as a replacement for existing frames designed for low trail forks. It can also be used to convert some frames depending on headtube angles to have a front load bias (helps the bike steer better when supporting a front handlebar/rack bag.)

    – 65mm rake
    – 385mm axle-to-crown version fits 73mm reach caliper brakes (fits 700cx38mm tires)
    – 380mm axle-to-crown version fits 57mm reach caliper brakes (fits 700c x 32mm tires; will also accept a 650Bx42mm with 73mm reach brakes)
    – Double fork tip eyelets
    – Mini rack braze-ons
    – Low rider pannier bosses
    – Sloping lugged crown
    – Classic curve blades
    – Tange Infinity CrMo blades
    – 350mm 1-1/8″ steerer
    – Chrome plated
    – 380mm version

    CroMo Lugged 43mm Fork
    CrMo steel fork for short reach (39-49mm) road brake with sloping lugged crowns

    – Tange Infinity CrMo steel tubes
    – 1-1/8″ steerer
    – Eyelets for fenders on the Pearl White version
    – Lugged sloping crown
    – Works with standard 39-49mm reach road brakes
    – 364mm axle to crown – 43 or 45mm rake
    – Paint: Black



    Lugged CroMo Track Fork
    Lugged investment cast crown with cutout in outside tang, long inside tang. Crown drilled for brake. Tange CrMo steel steerer tube and blades.

    – 1″ steerer tube, threadless, 300mm long.
    – 363mm axle to crown
    – 38mm and 30mm(only in black) rake.
    – Available in slick black and chrome plate




    Thru-Axle Fork for Wolverine
    Do you want a stiffer more modern fork for your Wolverine or gravel bike? Designed to match the geometry of the Soma Wolverine frame exactly.
    Tange Infinity CrMo
    – Unicrown design
    – 15mm Thru Axle w/QR
    – International disc mount
    – 400mm axle to crown
    – 50mm rake 
    – Tire clearance: 700x45mm w/fenders




    CX Lugged Disc Fork
    Matching fork for Double Cross Disc frame. 

    – Now with 350mm long steerer.
    – For disc brakes only
    – Full-sloping crown with cutouts (outside tang), long inside tang
    – Crown is drilled for rack/headlight mounting
    – Tange Infinity CrMo tubing throughout
    – Tange fork dropouts cast with dual eyelets (compatible with Soma Champs Elysees and Porteur racks)
    – Bosses at mid- blade for lowrider or Nitto mini racks
    – Steerer tube 1 1/8in diamteter, 350mm long, threadless
    – Axle to crown: 398mm
    – Rake 44mm
    – Ample clearance for fenders or 45mm knobby tires



    Battleaxe Fat Fork
    This is a suspension corrected fork for the Soma Juice (as well as our upcoming fatbike), it uses a 135 O.L.D. rear single speed hub, it will fit a 26×4” or a 29×3” tire, and it has all kinds of braze ons for front rack mounting. The idea is to replace a suspension fork for loaded bike packing, where you may want to put a lot of weight on the fork for stability, so it’s built super burly. Using the rear hub means you probably already have a wheel you can pop in there, or get one prebuilt. That way if you want to run a fat front and swap it out occasionally for a skinny tire it’s as easy as undoing the QR.

    – 485mm axle to crown
    – 135mm hub spacing
    – 3 sets of braze-ons
    – Forward facing dropouts
    – International disc brake tabs
    – 300mm 1-1/8″ threadless steerer



    How do you match your forks and frames? Let us know!

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    Hana, Southern Distributors

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