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  • 30May

    Why Every Urban Cyclist Needs A Bike Bell

    Safety first, everyone. Even though bicycle bells are small in size they’re a crucial part of your bike and for the safety of your fellow cyclists. Here are the overall reasons to invest in a proper bike bell.


    A bike bell is pretty much your main signalling instrument and probably the most convenient piece on your bike. Usually mounted on the handlebars and thumb activated, it requires zero effort to send warnings to pedestrians and other cyclists that you’re coming. In urban cycling the tenths of seconds and inches make the difference between a dangerous crash or a safe commute, so there isn’t a lot of room for error. In some juristrictions a bike bell is even a required piece of equipment.

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    Urban transportationURBAN TRANSPORTATION FLOW

    It’s 2018 and there have never been as many cyclists, especially in cities. Urban cycling, like everything else in a city’s infrastructure, needs to be as efficient as possible. 

    Bike bells do a much better job at alerting drivers than your own voice ever could. A bike bell with a strong ring saves you from the incredibly demanding task of yelling at cars, pedestrians and other cyclists 10 times a day. Not to mention how systemized the traffic gets by consistent use of the same signals, such as the distinctive ding of a cyclist. Not having a proper functioning bike bell may cause misunderstandings and potential accidents in traffic due to lack of proper communication. 

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    As you can see a proper functioning bike bell makes the world of difference for not only your voice, but for the safety of others and general flow of the urban transportation. So if you don’t have a bike bell, do yourself and other cyclists a favor and get one.

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    Hana, Southern Distributors 

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